Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Design for life

The whole first episode of Phillipe Stark's Show on BBC

Design For Life ...

awesome .. if you have a lil bit of time watch it ;-)

Design for Life from design on Vimeo.

Villa yacht by Hermes

This is one sick yacht ... (concept) .. that is both extremely luxurious.. and environmentally friendly.

Can host 12 guests, 20 crew members, a pool with thermo regulated water, works with green energy,

all designed by the WHY design Team: Composed of Hermes creative directors and Yacht Maker Wally.

Citizen K ...

Citizen K (fall 09) has a fantastic cover featuring Eva Longoria

she looks awesome ..

Monday, September 28, 2009

I keep posting music ....

but i must say ...

my bitch is crazy ... and i love it

I Make Her Say...

KID CUDI - MAKE HER SAY from tr3nt3trois on Vimeo.

kid cudi is brilliant... nuff said ..

To kingdom come

Passion Pit "To Kingdom Come" from Mixtape Club on Vimeo.

passion pit .. nuff said ..

Fax of Death ..

Laurel Collective - Fax of Death from Joe Lea on Vimeo.

Laurel Collective ... get some


La patère rose || PaceMaker from Dare To Care Records on Vimeo.

La Patere Rose ...

ok I'm going to leave it at that ....

for those of you that follow music please don't tell me about these people in 3 months because I will turn around and walk away .. or not answer your emails ... and yes I'm talking about you ..

this is officially the playlist that keeps playing on my ipod.. this and the music post below ...

I promise to post about something not totally music related .. unless necessary .. for the next few days ... in the mean time .. enjoy ..

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The One ...

I must admit ...

I am a tad obsessed with this song .. and this video at the moment..

it's great ..

gotta love mary j ..

shes a BAMF

Friday, September 25, 2009


Paul Smith for Evian ..

here is a behind the scenes look at the design and inspiration of Paul Smith's collaboration with Evian ..


Pitter Patter ... goes my heart

check out the great look of Japanese brand Xampagne F/W 09-10

Modeled by Jonas Kesseler
Photographed by Takeshi Hanzawa

<3 it

check out more of Xampagne

(via fashionisto)


Korean Fashion ... looks oh so good ...

Here is some of the F/W 09 collection for TIME Homme


check out their website .. to see more of the collection ..

TIME Homme

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Arch Chair

The Chair Arch in London, designed by Martino Gamper is spectacular ...

check out how they got it done ..

Colors that don't exist ...

I have a certain affinity towards colored pencils... I mean who doesn't remember using them during elementary school ... in my case .. (and in many other people's whom have decided to go to art school or architecture school etc) .. colored pencils have followed us through ..

here is probably the best and most complete collection of colored pencils EVER..

the colors are amazing .. 500 colors to be exact..

they are brought to us by Social Designer ..
Each pencil is its own story. A unique hue with an inventive name to inspire the far corners of your creativity.

I mean with names like:


Arizona Sunset

Lobster Bisque

and my favorite

who can go wrong ...

now don't be thinking you can get all of these at once .. once you sign up you will get 25 pencils a month.. for a span of 20 months .. divided of course in color families ..

this because:

It's about enjoying an unhurried creative process, as you have the possibility to explore and experience the nature of the pencils.

so they are not horribly expensive .. $33 a month ..
that's not too much considering you're not just getting pencils.. you're getting the gift of creativity ...

did i mention each pencil is hand crafted to order?

I don't know about you but this is an incredible gift .. to give and receive... (I mean i know what's going to be on my xmas list.. )

oh, and just in case you are wondering where the hell you're going to keep your 500 pencils once you've got them all ... Social Designer provides you with several options (to purchase of course) for displaying and keeping your pencils... each option creates an ever so beautiful way of displaying the magnificence of the hues ...

I so want these... if not to have fun coloring .. to create an awesome wall piece ..

check out more of these AWESOME pencils ..

Social Designer

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Good Friends ... Bad Habits


Really liking Owen's new single ...

Good friends, bad habits

check it out



OAK NYC F/W 09-10 Editorial ...

absolutely love it!

photographed by Eli Schmidt

Check out more at OAK


Monday, September 21, 2009


Chimney is a collection hand thrown klin fired pendant lamps ..


made from natural clay from the region of Wales ..

each lamp is unique ...

each lamp is well

pretty darn fabulous ..

I'd get a few for le abode

check them out at Viaduct

(via modernist)

Totally random but ...

I heard this today .. and I loved it ..

so I just had to share it with you guys ...

thanx ingrid =P


I present to you NOAH.. the New Orleans Arcology Habitat (Arcology meaning architecture and ecology)...

the purpose of NOAH is to combine large scale structures of sustainability with urban design .. basically creating a self sufficient city...

The structure designed and proposed by Kevin Schopfer (Ahearn Schopfer Architects) would be composed of 30 million sq ft that will house all the aspects of society needed to be socially self sufficient:

20,000 units of housing
3 hotels
1,500 time share units
500,000 sq ft for retail
8,000 parking spots
1 school
cultural facilities
health facilities

(via dsgnwrld)

Friday, September 18, 2009

meh ...

I'm a lil lost today ...

I'll pull it together ... give me a sec

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Great photography by Ella Manor

check out more of ella here

(via cali)
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