Monday, September 28, 2009

I keep posting music ....

but i must say ...

my bitch is crazy ... and i love it

I Make Her Say...

KID CUDI - MAKE HER SAY from tr3nt3trois on Vimeo.

kid cudi is brilliant... nuff said ..

To kingdom come

Passion Pit "To Kingdom Come" from Mixtape Club on Vimeo.

passion pit .. nuff said ..

Fax of Death ..

Laurel Collective - Fax of Death from Joe Lea on Vimeo.

Laurel Collective ... get some


La patère rose || PaceMaker from Dare To Care Records on Vimeo.

La Patere Rose ...

ok I'm going to leave it at that ....

for those of you that follow music please don't tell me about these people in 3 months because I will turn around and walk away .. or not answer your emails ... and yes I'm talking about you ..

this is officially the playlist that keeps playing on my ipod.. this and the music post below ...

I promise to post about something not totally music related .. unless necessary .. for the next few days ... in the mean time .. enjoy ..

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