Monday, March 30, 2009

The Darkest Hour...

Earth Hour was this past Saturday as we all probably know by now...

here are some awesome (before and after) pics of cities around the world that took a part of the global event.. and turned off the lights for an hour..

The Colosseum ..

Hong Kong Financial District

Eiffel Tower

Sydney Opera House

Check out more Pics collected at The Big Picture



Pantone Bags..

They retail for $90 USD and you can get them through Whitbread Wilkinson along with many other PANTONE paraphernalia ...

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Here are some pages from the Journal of Marieke Berghuis Leewens... I find them to be so cool looking .. full of thoughts and little details.... I bet her mind goes a million miles a minute when she sits down with her journal to draw and design..

here are some of my favorites...

I totally want to be her new BFF... we'd have fun

Check out her blog

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Floating Grace ..

Editorial for Twill Magazine...

Photography by Bruno Van Mossevelde

Check out Twill

<3 it

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Child's Play...

So I have been researching for cool furniture that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing .. for young children. Either to gather ideas or to inspire a new design.. I stumbled upon Little Nest.. based out of Australia

They specialize in contemporary childrens furnishings...

As a lover of contemporary furniture (especially anything Eames).. I couldn't help but admire these kid size pieces modeled after the famous Eames Chair, the Barcelona, the Bertoia ... (amongst others)

I would totally get my kids a Eames Lounge Chair.... Hey, it's never too early to appreciate good design.... although leather + crayons + playdoh might not be a great combination ...

Now I bet you can get these more locally in the US but what I really liked about these is the quality of materials and the accuracy of replication to the original sized pieces...

The Eames Lounge Chair retails for about $650 USD.. (some might think its too much $$ for something that will be outgrown relatively fast... but to each their own .. )

Check out their website... Little Nest

Saturday, March 28, 2009

I just Tweeded all over the place!

This is such an awesome animated clip from Super News! on Current TV that dabbles into the explanation of what Twitter is (and what the problem with it is also)...

I don't personally have twitter... not currently planning on getting twitter..

but the clip is hilarious ..

I personally have enough with Facebook

(and just in case you've missed the What Facebook is about clip... also very funny)

Check out more of Current Tv's Super News! here or just tune in to Current every Friday at 10pm..

Hilarious ..

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Small Letters...


you have to check out the worlds smallest postal service! This is a teeeeeny tiiiiiny transcription service based out of San Fran... and awesomely enough you could also order them online..
Here is how it works... you write a letter (up to 120 words) and they turn it into a tiny stationary .. typically 1" X 1.5" (that's little) ... they even place it into a tiny envelope that is addressed and sealed with a wax seal with the senders initials.. they mail it in a coin case with a magnifying glass..

It's totally cute!

Worlds Smallest Postal Service (WSPS) from Leafcutter Designs on Vimeo.

Check out the website and maybe order some and surprise someone with a tiny message...

Quizas Quizas Quizas

I found this video a long time ago and I happen to stumble upon it again today as I was looking though some of my files .. decided to share it with you guys.. It's a film made for Loewes Perfume.. and it happens to be very beautifully shot.. from the gorgeously creative mind of Eugenio Recuenco...

The Essence of a Seduction...

Take a look at the making of...

check out more of Eugenio's amazing work HERE

Love it ..


Love me some Scarlett Jo'

unknown silent movie ...

and looking beautiful in Red-brunette'ish (hair) for Vogue Paris April '09 Issue ...

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Green Porno..

Ok, this has got to be the best thing I've seen in a very very VERY long time...

Green Porno

Written and Produced by Isabella Rossellini for the Sundance Channel.. they are a series of short films that are dedicated to the completely unusual sexual practices of insects and things such as.. Season 1 featured 8 films that are totally histerical but very informative..

They where shown at the Sundance Film Festival in '08 and also in other festivals in Europe.. you can catch all the short films HERE and be on the look out for season 2 which will premiere April 1st and will takes us into the world of sex under the sea... (can't wait for that)....

I will leave you with 2 of my favorite clips ....

The Snail



too funny

check out the other films!



Terry Richardson's Auto-portraits for Vogue Homme International ...

the spread is for promoting current trends in men's watches... not panties.. although they look hot as well ..

love Terry..

Turn it off..

I don't think Miami is up with this.. but I'll turn my lights off...

you should too..

Join Earth Hour this Saturday from 8:30pm to 9:30pm by turning your lights off..



This lil video produced by Nexus Productions is pretty neat..

it was made using CS4 to show just how awesome the new system is..

The Seed from Johnny Kelly on Vimeo.

now if I only knew how to do all that ...


Relearn to Drive is brought to us by the people at BMW

it's a sleek way to promote the new wave of BMW's

I happen to think the website is hilarious.. here is one of my favorite clips (La Chonga)

As you play around with the site it will take you to the BMW Performance Center... which honestly you must check out .. as it is after all the point of the Relearn to Drive website.. promoting the BMW performance driving school...

Awesome.. I almost want to go test drive the new M5 ...

(Via Mari)

Opposites Attract..

I am really loving the BFF mini series from Kidrobot... designed by Travis Cain..

Totally getting one for my BFF...

check out more work from Travis Cain..

and buy some here..


Super interactive Light Installation by James Clar


(via fubiz)
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