Wednesday, March 4, 2009


So I've liked Paraphernalia for a while now..

I think they offer incredibly different pieces for girls (and boys) ... they're odd, they're unusual, and some right out weird... which makes them awesome (IMO)..

and what's even better.. they're all handmade..

take a look

I have to be honest though...

I ordered a couple of things LAST YEAR for my best friend as a gift... and guess what .. I AM STILL waiting to receive the package. And although I've tried making contact with the site and after they told me they re-sent the package.. It's been MONTHS..
which is unfortunate.. for several reasons

1) My bf is still waiting for that gift


2) It really sucks because I do love their stuff I think it's great...

and although I recommend it to you guys.. just make sure you don't need it anytime this year (ha!)

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