Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I love Beauty... It's not my fault..

Having made the rounds at practically all the Film Festivals

Valentino: The Last Emperor

is now starting to trickle down into the movie theaters...

It is now playing in New York ... and by next week San Francisco and L.A.

The documentary film deals with the life of Valentino... behind the curtain.. We get to see him work on his last couture show and we get a glimpse of his relationship with his business partner.. (they've been together 50 years....)

Looks... fabulous

I really hope it makes it down to Miami soon


  1. does anybody know which artist does perform the first song?

  2. Kim Carnes - Bette Davis Eyes

  3. Does anyone know the second track in the trailer.. the orchestrated opera classical type score playing in the background..?????
    please let know asap...

  4. It is actually from the Opera: Lakme and it is the Flower Duet.. you can probably find it on iTunes or anything such as..


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