Sunday, March 8, 2009

New songs, new videos ...

Ladytron-- Tomorrow

Calvin Harris.. back at it again with his new single 'I'm Not Alone'

(very dancy -- I feel like I should be out in South Beach dancing .. I'm not totally convinced by the song by I actually really like the video)

The Ropes -- Kitty Get Down

I had actually never heard of the Ropes until today and I was pleasantly surprised..

(and) I really like the description the band gives of the song Kitty Get Down

" Kitty is not a song about a real cat.

"Kitty" is a metaphor for anyone who has ever been scared or intimidated by the world.
After realizing that everyone else is also hiding and climbing their own metaphorical trees, Kitty finds the strength to get down and face fears. This is the only choice because if Kitty doesn't make the change, no one else will. If you are like Kitty, maybe it's time to get down."

(Thanx Nat for introducing me to the band!!)

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