Sunday, March 8, 2009


When I saw this I literally couldn't look away and I even had to replay it..

The music is very beautiful and the dance is absolutely breathtaking ...

and the dance space used in the film is also unbelievable.. to me it looks like what the inside of a guitar, violin, or cello would look like.. its very beautiful

Here is a short description of what Amelia is ..

" The ballet movie is "Amelia" and it is performed by the dance company "La La La Human Steps". It is choreographed using mostly classical ballet forms, most notably pointe work(the choreographer and producer, Edouard Lock, really loves pointe work!) Amelia is freely adapted from a stage production of the same same, but this is first and foremost a dance-for-camera movie, where the camera becomes an integral part of the action, using shots of many different angles, and rotation, dolly, and crane shots.The action is mostly very fast and frenetic, and the choreography is very challenging including some very difficult steps, both on the floor and in the air."

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