Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Good, The Bad, The Belle, London

Ok just when I was (literally) starting to give up on wanting to go to London for anything .. things like this come along...

British artist Barnaby Barford and Alice Hawkins' new exhibition at Spring Projects..

the work is remarkable..

I leave you with a brief explanation of the exhibit and some pics ...

‘The Good, The Bad, The Belle’ combines a new series of Barford’s ceramics with a selection of Hawkins’ portrait photography. His ceramic tableaux combine fairytale characters with hooded youths, wielding weapons, ‘happy slapping’ or tucking into a KFC family bucket. The unlikely use of porcelain figures and fairytale characters all with cherubic faces and blond locks – a refined medium more associated with granny’s mantelpiece than an art gallery – serves to highlight the unpleasant woes of ‘broken Britain’. Hawkins’ photography is less direct in approach than Barford’s ceramics but every bit as powerful in its implications. Investigating glamour and aspiration in its barest forms, her photographs tell the story of fragile dreams and broken realities... '

fabulous ..

Spring Projects

(via *wallpaper)


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