Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Talking about Ice...

FYI just in case you didn't know .. every year the Ice Hotel is reconstructed (for obvious reasons-- it melts every year) ...

and every year they invite Artists, Designers, and people such as to come and create the spaces that form the Ice Hotel.. every room is different and the experience of it .. must be.. (a little cold but ..) unbelievable ..

Here are some pics from the (latest) Ice Hotel #19..

staying at the Ice Hotel is for sure on my bucket list...

The Ice Hotel

(oh and btw just in case you think you'd be too scared to try and stay at the Ice Hotel.. don't... they have warm accommodations along with the cold ones .. and they suggest doing a combination of the two in order to really enjoy your stay.. AKA you'll freeze your a$$ off if you don't)

Price tag...
Cheapest cold room (snow room) is about $450 USD (per night) -- I mean its not the HoJo's what'd you expect?
if you want to stay in one of the suites which are pictured above (Deluxe Ice Suites) it'll run you about $800 USD
(I thought It'd be more to be honest)

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