Friday, October 9, 2009

Re_Love Clothes ..

Brilliant... created by taking discarded chairs and old, unused shirts to create a new, interesting and beautiful piece of furniture..

designed by Korean Duo Cho Eun Whan and Shin Tai Ho (MAEZM) ..
the RE_Love Clothes is described it as follows ..

"It was designed based on a new method using objects
in which memories remain and original function gone.

The discarded chair once again becomes a comfortable sofa with clothes on top.

Clothes are what enable the chair to play its part.
This is also understood as one’s own past.
As clothes are tangled, memories can be tied up to create a new love."

The concept behind this design is so incredibly intense..

creating something as an expression of "self-love" instead of personifying a thing ...

check out more of their incredible designs: MAEZM

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