Saturday, September 4, 2010

Storia D'Amore

Has it really been thiiiiiiisssss long since I last was here with you?

Well what can I say ..

Its been a long ... hot .. summer ...

filled with many changes -- of course -- like everything in life --- some good -- some alright -- some hard -- and some getting used to's --

I hope yours was as accomplished as mine -- and if not -- don't fret my friend -- theres always another season right around the corner to bring us 'who knows what'

So now that I plan on re appearing in your lives -- as I hope you re appear in mine --

I want to start by sharing that I couldnt love this any more --

a short film by Kalle Gustafsson -- with such a simple yet beautiful story -- told clearly through incredible imagery and a soundtrack that carries you through the process of each sentiment in the story line --

it's funny -- someone once told me that I 'live in a song' -- at the moment it was meant as a jab -- but honestly -- If my life is to one day be a story it could all be told by songs -- and be simply understood -- just as is this short film --

Hope you like it -- would love to know what you think ;-)


I've missed you all

Storia d´amore from NEWNEW by Fashion Tale on Vimeo.


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