Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tumblr ... or whatever that is

And just like that ... we are all of a sudden ... in Tumblr ...

no , no , no

I am not abandoning you ...

I am not selling out ...

I just figured why not --

The Everything Like Such As Tumblr will be totally different than this .. we will bring you another side of our personalities ... mostly through pictures... music .. and such as ..

While here we will be strictly dedicated to bringing you (as always) ... the best findings in Art/Film .. Architecture and Design .. Fashion ... Everything that is SO MIAMI (once again) ..

Also stay tuned for a new BLOG coming your way from the makers of Everything Like Such As .. dedicated to FOOD and everything delicious ... but this will not be your typical food blog .. watch and see ..

Thanx guys for all the great support -- hope everybody is having an awesome new year so far!

Remember check out our Tumblr!

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