Tuesday, February 17, 2009

As I sit at the airport....

in what appears to be the longest lay-over in existence.. I have decided to finally get back to E.L.S.A.

This was a long trip .. I was super disconnected from the world.. no internet.. no phone.. and very little TV

but it was all very very fun and exciting.. and to make things better I picked up a couple things here and there that have and will help me be a better designer... and an over all "appreciator" or art and life..

I know I've missed a lot during the past few weeks and I'm going to try to catch up with all of you .. but lets start slow...

let me show you my ultimate favorite finds of the past two weeks ...

very cute and quaint town of

La Spezia

super small town lots of college students ... good place to go relax if u want.. close to Genova, Porto Venere (which apparently is a short ride on a Ducati away) and places such as... check it out .. (just dont blame me if you get bored I didnt say go there for the nightlife)

Ok and my ultimate favorite find has got to be non-other than Secondome in Rome

this show room is not necessarily in the path of most tourists that bombard Rome every day.. but its definitely a store to go into and basically buy everything.... if you can....

they have (IMO) the most innovative collection of Furniture, books, lighting, accessories for the home, and everything such as (literally)

just go to their website and you'll know what I mean..


I mean to be honest I dont remember the last time I went into a showroom/store/awesome lil shop and have wanted to buy every single thing I saw... I was both excited to be surrounded by the awesomeness and depressed at not being able to take it all with me... I did take a lil souvenir with me though.. which coincidentally was the only thing I purchased for myself during the trip..

OK guys ..

so here we go again

talk to you very soon

(sorry this was a bit of a "not so visual" post.. but im super tired.. sitting at the airport (still) .. so give me a minute here and I'll pull it together for more posts)

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