Thursday, May 7, 2009

All Stretched Out..

The Carpenters Workshop Gallery in London recently had an exhibit of Sebastian Brajkovic's work titled Lathe...

In my opinion his work is incredibly unique and, well, awesome... totally up my alley...

here is what Sebastian had to say about Lathe..

"They are called ‘Lathe' because of the apparent rotating effect of the design. In fact the word Lathe comes from the Latin word used to convey the idea of milk being stirred. My very first thought with making this design was actually a practical one. I wanted to create more space on a singular chair by "extruding" the seat's surface area. This extruding idea came from a Photoshop function where you can pick a row of pixels and extend them as long as you want. This modern computer method aided me to devise new ways of sketching as a contradictory partner in my design process. In this paradoxical sense, using antique forms was the next logical step."

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