Friday, May 29, 2009

Coqui Coqui..

Ok people ... This is my idea of a hotel..

the Coqui Coqui Hotel and Spa in Tulum Mexico... (forget about the swine flu for a second and just take what I'm about to show you into consideration)

if that doesnt convince you then read this ...

"Coqui Coqui is a unique and romantic little resort located on a long stretch of beautiful beach that's away from the more crowded center of Tulum, and definitely aimed at those looking for peace and quiet. The resort cleverly balances a mix of rustic beach charm with refined elegance.

The hotel is built of traditional Mayan stone and has a very different feel to the beach cabana style resorts which are so typical of this area.

With just seven rooms the resort never feels busy or crowded. Each room features local Mexican fabrics and materials with design accents that have been influenced from as far away as Asia and Europe. Art and craftwork from around the world are also evident throughout.

The resort has a small restaurant that's open for breakfast and by prior reservation for lunch. And if you fancy a change, you'll find a good selection of restaurants just a short stroll down the beach.

Coqui Coqui is one of the few resorts in Tulum offering full spa services, from massages and facials to wonderful spa rituals.

This is a fabulous destination for those looking for a romantic and relaxing escape. The design and focus of the hotel has couples in mind, but this would also be an excellent choice for a romantic wedding or small group of friends who could rent out the resort in its entirety."


and right now during the low season rooms go from as low as $230 a night .. and go up to about $300

not to shabby .. for such awesomeness..

check it out

coqui coqui

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  1. My husband and I stayed here for our honeymoon and LOVED it. It is a wonderful, beautiful place.


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