Thursday, July 30, 2009

Everybody Should...

love and download this song..

the band is really good from Melbourne AU .. The Temper Trap.. they .. I guess you can say got a their big break here in the US during SXSW .. I've liked this song for a while now...

and when I realized that it was in the soundtrack for 500 days of Summer... I was totally convinced that this band.. and this song .. are just plain awesome ..

you guys should really check them out

The Temper Trap

another of my favorite songs of theirs is Love Lost

Oh, and before I forget to mention... the soundtrack for 500 days of summer is probably the best soundtrack out there right now.. music from the smiths, temper trap, feist, regina spektor, carla bruni (who is brilliant!), wolfmother, basically everybody .. go download it .. I sure did

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