Thursday, July 30, 2009

Téo Jasmin

I must say I am a bit in Love with Teo Jasmin...

They are based in France and they are coming out with some really impressively vibrant, colorful, and creative prints... and these aren't the typical prints we find at Urban Outfitters ... these are .. well pretty awesome .. awesome enough that they have been featured in a plethora of Fashion Magazines .. such as... Vanity Fair.. Vogue .. Marie Claire .. etc etc etc..

What I love about Teo Jasmin is that not only do they have fabulous prints .. but that they also turn them chairs (which is brilliant), cushions, stickers, and everything such as...

here are some of Teo Jasmin's newest line ..

Some of my personal favorites are :

The Fiat Collection ..
The London Collection..
and the New York Collection...

best thing is ... the price.. which is honestly not bad... not bad at all ... considering you are getting great quality ..

Go check them out

Teo Jasmin

I know I totally want something from them ...


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