Wednesday, August 26, 2009


" Eleven year olds from across the globe share, in different languages their thoughts on a range of personal and global issues such as war, love, hormones, global warming, terrorism, family, religion and the future. Each of their situations allows a single glimpse into a young mind, and combine to provide a powerful insight into the future of our world. "

As I watched the trailer for this incredibly fascinating documentary by Genevieve Bailey .. I was completly moved by how determined and how full of life .. these 11 year old kids are .. their view of life and the problems that plague the world around them is completely emotional and fascinating ..

I can't wait to watch the whole thing ..

check out the trailer

Eleven - trailer from I am Eleven on Vimeo.

and learn more about ELVEN here

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  1. Thanks so much! I have been making this film for 4 years, so it's great to know there is an audience so interested, I will let you know when it is finished soon! Please keep visiting the site we are updating it soon with some great new videos and profiles of more children soon! - Genevieve, Director


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