Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Loeffler Randall

I must say that I am leaving you once again ... I am going go be a Pirate of the Caribbean for a few days...

I promise you this though ..

when I come back ... E.L.S.A will come back in full force ... with more awesomeness..


and more of "That's So Miami" is coming your way as well upon my return ..

before I leave though

check out this video ...

it's from the Loeffler Randall A/W 09/10 Ad Campaign ... a behind the scenes look ...

its fabulous ... especially with my girl Cat Power's rendition of Wonderwall as a soundtrack to it ..

hope you like it guys!

see you in a week!

Loeffler Randall from Petter Ringbom on Vimeo.

oh and PLEASE VOTE FOR E.L.S.A. on The battle of the blogs!

we are kinda losing there ... but it's ok don't worry .. I know we're awesome even if we don't ..
(it wouldn't hurt if you went and voted though.. cause although winning isn't everything in life .. winning would be awesome still)

oh and check out more of Loeffler Randall here


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