Saturday, August 1, 2009

That's So Miami (I)

OK so we have we are starting off our That's So Miami sessions this week and we have started in two South FL (Miami) nightclubs/lounges.. As I have mentioned before .. I am opening these up for you guys to place your votes.. your opinions.. on who is doing it totally RIGHT.. totally WRONG... and totally so MIAMI... so let yourself be heard.

Our first stop was Living Room Nightclub... which is a pretty fun place, lots of ... interesting... people, lots of lights and color, the decor is pretty fab... the environment is basically set up for everybody to have a good time and feel, well... fabulous...

Our next stop was in Midtown ... at Vlada Lounge .. pretty sweet indie vibe .. not to mention cute girls .. and good drinks ..

Hope to hear from all you guys ... We really want to know what you think ...

and remember we will be out 2 to 3 times a month at some of MIA's best nightclubs and bars .. showing you the good... the bad.. and the (omg) that's so Miami ;-)

thanx to living room and vlada lounge!


  1. The girls with all the tattoos are awesome

  2. I'm not from Miami but the first guy looks totally like what I would imagine it'd be like haha. Great pics J.

  3. vlada lounge in miami > living room nightclub in ft.lauderdale.
    love that you included our favorite anime girls!


  4. The first two pics or totally Miami lol..especially the white glasses. The girl with the fan is a hottie and so fab :)

  5. I agree the girl with the fan is really cute and the guy with the white glasses totally miami! lol

    nobody was bad though .. really like the pics .. keep them coming. where are you going to go next?

  6. Ready to move back! And the countdown begins... Continue to tease us with all of these great pics ;) K


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