Sunday, August 2, 2009

If You're Hungry ..

So a lot of people have been emailing me and asking where to go eat in Miami..

I typically say this... go to Buena Vista Bistro (.) known to me (and my friends) as THE Bistro ..

The food is brilliant ..

I started going to the bistro a while back .. when they first opened.. when only Claude (Chef and co-owner of BVB) was in the kitchen and Callie (partner/co-owner) was the only server. .. I got to know them pretty well back in those days...

Now there's several other servers.. and Claude is not the only one in kitchen ..

and did I mention I'm lucky to find an empty table (M-S) .. it's that good.
The ambiance is chic.. a french bistro in the middle of the Buena Vista Neighborhood of Miami (right in the design district), good music is always playing, and the most eclectic - young trendy crowd you'll see around.

I'm super glad that the bistro has taken off so much (even if I have to wait for a table these days)

My recommendations: Hmm Main Course wise I'd have to say that I've tried basically everything and I love them all pretty equally .. for dessert try the creme brule.. oh and Brunch on Sunday's is a must before hitting the beach ...

It is the best place to go with a friend... a date.. or a group of friends.. and share a bottle of wine and great food.

If you live in Miami and you've never been .. pull it together and go.
And if you're not from the area.. but are planning on coming ... find it .. and enjoy an amazing meal.

check out their website for the menu or directions


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