Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Looking for something nifty?

something crafty?

something handmade?

and no I'm not talking about going to a crafts fair at your neighborhoods elementary school this saturday..

I'm talking about Etsy of course!

Etsy is pretty much an online marketplace for 'selling and buying all things handmade'. It was founded in 2005 by these 4 guys Jared, Haim, Chris and Rob.. that carried the motto

'Buy, Sell, and Live Handmade'

well as you can imagine it is now a HUGE online community of sellers and buyers.. and to be honest you can find some pretty awesome stuff for a really good price; and just imagine.. you are lowering your carbon footprint by buying directly from the maker of the (i hate this word but..) 'product'...

you can find anything like -- artwork, accessories, furniture, clothes, and everything such as

here are some of my favorite finds on the website:

(awesome hand-bound black leather journal.. I WANT IT!)

handmade and cut little paper circuses, cute, they can be personalized and such as

Love bowl

Maple Bucky Light

There's a lot of stuff to look at ... so go ahead and venture into Etsy

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