Friday, January 16, 2009

Wear it and Show it ...

It's not surprising that with the rise in popularity of websites and blogs about 'street fashion' such as 'the sartorialist' and 'the face hunter' .. that websites such as 'weardrobe', 'chictopia', and 'lookbook' have become increasingly popular as well...

and if you have no idea about what im talking about .... let me fill you in





are websites that well.. basically show 'ordinary' people showing off their closet and style..

this is how it works

you obviously set up a profile with any of these websites
you upload pictures of yourself (clothes on please)
and then you tag each item of clothing

I mean.. they are all a lil different.. some show looks from runway shows and ordinary people, some have contests, and things such as....

but the bottom line of all these websites is the same which is to 'share your unique style'

and yes you see some people with great style and some really cool and interesting outfits.. that you could get ideas from.. and then, well, then, you see some random a$$ people too..

here are some of my favorite looks from the above mentioned sites ...

check'em out for your self... you know or something such as




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