Thursday, April 16, 2009

I've neglected you...

Hello guys!

sorry! I didn't meant to leave you so abruptly for a couple of days... I was somewhat busy getting some work completed.

SO thank you for the emails.. Yes, I'm OK, I was just occupied with other things such as..

So now that I'm back I'm going to continue with what seems a long span of video posts .. but I saw this and I knew a lot of you would love it ..

As some of you know I heart music... and I totally heart Feist.. (long time follower here)

when this 15 minute short film (The Water: Chapter 1) came out.. directed by Kevin Drew from Broken Social Scene . .. I was all over it..

They have been playing it on Pitchfork as a 'Only for One Week' deal .. I am putting it here for you guys to see it in its 15 minute entirety..

It stars Cillian Murphy (whom reminds me of my friend Mik in a freakish way--- TMI) and of course the ever so lovely Feist..

Theres something very creepishly delicate about this video.. I LOVE IT

(check it out here)

and if you happen to catch this after Pitchfork TV has removed the video ... Here is the short 5 minute video .. which serves as the Music Video for Feist's The Water...

I am very intrigued to see if there will be a 'Chapter 2'

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