Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New World..

As I have been lucky enough to witness the beginning of what is sure to be a fascinating Architectural Work of Art.. I have decided to finally write about it and share it with you guys..

I am talking about the New .. and First.. Frank Gehry Building in Florida.. The New World Symphony Building.. right smack in the middle of South Beach and adjacent to the ever so popular Lincoln Road... It is sure to become a staple and true landmark of Miami.

This project has several aspects that make it incredibly interesting... For one it is going to house what I believe to be some of the most talented young classical musicians in the United States right now... and yes I guess you could say I am a bit biased for obvious reasons.. but the truth is.. these guys are incredible.. their talent and potential is incalculable. In this new building not only are they going to be able to expand their musical talents on a personal level.. but the amazing programs and exposure to music that they will offer the general public will be incredible..

The building is not costing much.. only $150 million dollars and it will offer a 700-foot concert hall, rehearsal rooms, office space, and state-of-the-art technical and media facilities — including equipment for giving and receiving coaching sessions, conferences and even performances over the Internet. One face of the proposed building is designed to suggest a proscenium arch, and there will be a sizable park just alongside. It will also have a rooftop garden/park that as much as I can tell from the model and plan will be awesome..

I'm super excited about this building, and not only because one of my favorite architects is responsible for the design..

(click for larger view)

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