Friday, April 3, 2009

Otto ..


So this movie was recently recommended to me: Otto; or Up with Dead People..

It was said that the movie was (and I quote) 'oddly poetic, showcasing incredible music, and spectacular clothes'..

In my head I was like: 'um it's a gay zombie movie are you sure'...

Then I realized that Bruce LaBruce wrote and directed the movie.. this immediately sparked my interest as I am a total fan of Mr. Labruce..

For those of you that don't know him.. he is a writer, director, photographer, and film-maker.. and a self proclaimed underground 'gay pornographer'..
he collaborates with Vice, Nerve, and Blackbook...

he's also done some interesting films with very homo-erotic undertones: The Rasberry Reich, Skin Flick, (ok, well maybe not undertones)..

This immediately caught my attention as I have seen some of his work before and yes, I happen to find some of it very clever and intriguing ..

As I started to find out more about the film I learned that the Costume Designer was none other that Rick Owens..

I was sold.. it went on my netflix queue immediately..

I sat with my BFF and curiously put on the movie...

we were..

to say the least...

awesomely surprised..

Music by CocoRosie .... Antony and the Johnsons amongst others

and the outfits

The Jackets.. the pants... the shoes...

take a closer look....

and the trailer....

now remember it's a gay film.. gay sex and all .. so be forewarned..

love it..

rent it ..

let me know what you think ..


  1. i have to confess, that this has been the most bizarre movie i have ever seen!!
    the outfits are very clever...the form the story is told... is very creative... and it has very good details...
    (loved the character of the -non speaking- old movie... that was so funny)

    so creapy. freaky.. but it is in certain way.. creative

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