Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Maia oh MAIA

All I am going to say about the Maia Resort in the middle of the Seychelles ( which FYI if you didn't know, are 115 islands in the Indian Ocean -- I had to wikipedia it; I won't lie) .. is that I want to stay there (even if it means I have to save for about 40 years) at least for one night... it is for sure going on the Bucket List..

Just look at the place... It's amazingly beautiful..

so if you think you can afford the thousands it costs to stay ...

by all means...

be my guest ..

I'll just be jealous ..

have fun ..

make your reservations HERE

As one of the leading small hotels in the world...

at least you can be sure that for the thousands ( about 2,000 + Euros per night) you will have an all inclusive experience.. jet lag massage and all upon arrival..

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