Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Random Bandits...

So on the next wave of hilarious advertising for 'Kickers' .. ...they have joined with the writers of Modern Toss to create a series of very funny sketches ... advertising none other than the Kickers...

The animated sketches feature Shoe Horn, a footwear obsessed shopper, Dave Beeline, a rowdy driver who point-blank refuses to accept the existence of any places not recognised by his sat nav, and FlyTalk - the celebrity-gossiping insects.

Random Bandits 1

My favorite has got to be the Beeline guy ...

I've never actually seen these shoes here in the MIA .. but apparently they're very popular over yonder in the UK ..

check out their website for more info

and their myspace to continue catching the series... Part 2 comes out April 20th

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